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Paper Projects & Peeves

I am the type of person who cannot stand throwing things out. Especially if the item could possibly be used somewhere down the road for a craft project that I may or may not accomplish in the next 10 years.  When we moved across the state I was forced to recycle all the magazines I had been hoarding for the past 6 years. I thought I would use them in the scrapbooking I never did, or I would actually reread a Glamour issue from 2006.

I did manage to hold on to every single card I received at my baby shower and in the hospital with my son. In my efforts to be a better environmentalist I absolutely hate greeting cards. I don’t want to throw them away because someone spent four dollars on a card with a sweet saying and its another piece of trash in our landfills.

My point of this rant is I finally did something with my cards and can toss or recycle the scraps, guilt free.

I made a picture frame. Well, I bought a $4 wooden frame from Hobby Lobby and with a little bit of craft glue, I cut pieces out of the greeting cards and places on the frame. Now I just need to use some Mod Podge and insert a newborn photo of my (now 13 month old) son.

Voila! Of course, it may take me another year to apply the Mod Podge and actually choose a photo of my son. Then I must choose a place to hang the photo, this could also take an additional 6 months.

Alas, I used up my cards. They are not cluttering the craft/ junk closet and I was little greener today. Yay me 🙂