Live green, save green and eat green.

All I can tell you is I believe I have something worthwhile to talk about. You may disagree and if you do then you don’t have to read this blog.

About me:

I’m a full-time stay at home mommy to “AJ” and “Kiki”. This blog is about my goals to pinch a penny and working towards a more DIY attitude.

My opinion:

This planet is getting piled with trash. The people of this country are getting fatter and poorer everyday. I’m sad to admit I’ve contributed to all these things but I’m ready to change.

Whatever you believe or don’t believe we live on a beautiful planet. You can say it was created by God or evolution or whatever. Whoever created this place we live in made a masterpiece and we are mucking it up with our heavy feet and our mountains of trash.

My goals:

To blog weekly (more if my kiddos allow) about my successes and failures in generating extra income for our family (talking crafts, eBay, Craigslist, not those WAH scams), cooking from scratch, eliminating waste in our home and a general healthy lifestyle. In a nutshell:

Living Green: Lets save the planet from unnessecary waste

Save Green: I’m talking $$$. More in my pocket.

Eat Green: Vegetables and general healthy food goodness.


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