Vegetarian. Flexitarian. Excusitarian.

I’m a hypocrit.

I *should* be a vegetarian.

I believe meat is murder. I believe we can get all of our vital nutrients from fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. I believe we are animals just like the creatures we eat & we were meant to share the planet. I know if we used our farmland to grow crops to feed humans instead of corn to feed cows and chickens, we would not have a single hungry person in this country.

I*think* I’m a flexitarian.

I go meatless at breakfast and lunch almost everyday. My lunch is almost always PB&J, an apple,yogurt & carrots for a snack. I almost never eat red meat (the texture of ground beef has always grossed me out).

I *know* I’m a big fat excusitarian.

My excuses for not making the jump to full-time vegetarian or vegan have nothing to do with my craving for meat, cheese, dairy or eggs. I actually prepared 10 pounds of meat today for upcoming meals and the smell, texture, feel of it, cooked & uncooked makes me sick (and not just because I’m pregnant).

My first excuse;
I’m not a great cook.  While I like black bean burritos, pizza (no cheese) with pineapple and camelized onions…I cannot make it every night. My husband would leave me. And while the hubs is patient with my cooking experiments, we have put many failed colanary attempts down the garbage disposal.

Convenience & cost. Eventhough my city has over 100,000 residents, I have to search to find a store that even offers firm tofu, much less soy products that do not contain GMO‘s. I have  toddler, so I refuse to go to multiple stores. Little monkey will not stand for that. I also cannot afford to do all of my shopping at the health market that has the few items I buy there.

My husband. Don’t get me wrong, if I cook it, my husband will eat it. He is supportive of my cooking and my set of morals (which go hand in hand here). One of the things I love about him though, is he’s a mans man. He’s a red-blooded American, meat and potatoes sort of man. While he enjoys lighter dishes I cook and my black bean burritos, he is and wants to be an omnivore…and I’m happy to cater to that. I just don’t want to cook two meals every night, a vegetarian and non-vegetarian dish.


I  believe in raising my child to show empathy or all living creatures and to be healthy. If he starts asking questions about his chicken nuggets, I will be honest with him (in an age appropriate conversation). If he ever tells me he doesn’t want a hamburger because he doesn’t want to hurt the cows, I will support that.

I will never ask someone who invites me into their home to cook a special dish (unless they offer), nor will I not eat food that is offered to me. I think its rude.  I won’t preach at people because I think that is a stereotype of vegetarians that make them unapproachable. I will give you the info I know.

If you want a resource who will give you facts in a compassionate and caring voice, go to this website. Read her blog, cookbooks and archived podcasts.

Its about doing what you can, when you can, and when you are ready. I know I will end up where I am meant to be.



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